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The Life of a Correctional Managed Care Nurse

It takes determination, motivation, mental strength, and resilience to be a nurse who works inside prison walls.

Nonetheless, there are many ways to feel both empowered and valuable as a CMC nurse. At HCSS, you will know you are having a direct impact on the health of patients. Without you, the prison system wouldn’t be able to function as it should.

For those who welcome the challenge, thousands of offenders in the state of Texas need care and it’s up to nurses to provide it.  HCSS nurses staff over 2,000 shifts per month to provide care for inmates across a variety of locations under the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. If you’re considering life as a CMC nurse, here’s an idea of what a typical day might look like for you:

Daily Life as a CMC Nurse

At the beginning of your day, you’ll be greeted by a security guard at the entrance as you verify your identification. Since security is a top priority within the prison system, you will wait for officers to open doors into main hallways and medical areas.

Life as a CMC nurse requires you to be cautious about security. Ensuring procedures are followed and knowing where your equipment is at all times are keys to safety and success.

The correctional managed care environment is for those with strong hearts and minds; punctuality is a critical element for success. Physicians, nurses and administrative staff work inside the prison’s medical unit.

Correctional managed care nurses work 12-hour shifts and are accustomed to working in a high-stress environment. Round-the-clock nurses deal with a wide variety of health care needs, ranging from chronic conditions to injuries and infectious diseases. When patients requires a higher level of care, they are transported to an inpatient facility.

If this sounds like a career path you’re interested in, please check our open jobs for HCSS-CMC here: https://bit.ly/2uh0fvW

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