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The Benefits of Contracted Work

Being satisfied with your job is often based on several factors. The type of
work, the pay rate and the hours are all common considerations for most job seekers when looking for a new position. A less common factor to consider is the option to be a contracted employee. These types of employees are not permanent employees of the company, and instead are hired for a specific period. However, these positions can often lead to full-time positions if the opportunity presents itself. Here are several reasons why being a contracted employee may be the right move for your career at this moment in time.

Independence and Flexibility

For the most part, contracted employees are offered greater flexibility in
scheduling than permanent employees. This advantage is ideal for those who have
certain work-life balance needs to keep in mind. At HCSS, some positions offer
full matrix schedules, while others are less time-consuming.

Better Pay

Contract employees are often paid by the hour. This type of employment
presents opportunities for employees to earn as much money as they would like
by offering freedom in earning potential. If law permits, contract employees can
freelance without being stuck to a single salary. Contract employees also maintain
their own taxes, offering higher pay month over month.  Working as a CMC nurse at HCSS, our contracted
employees earn above-average pay for this type of nursing.  

No Tax Withholding

As an independent contractor, no federal or state income taxes are withheld.

You’re in High Demand

At the moment, contract work is one of the most enticing opportunities for
employers. Filling short-term and highly specialized jobs are made possible
with contract workers, as these types of placements are usually much more
readily available than full-time placements. Chances of landing a contract
position that could potentially lead to full-time is a risk worth taking.

If you’re searching for contract work in the healthcare industry, check out
our open jobs with HCSS here.

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