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Take the skills you developed
in the service to the next level.

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We appreciate your dedication

Making the world a safer place is a big job. So is making it healthier. After training medics for two world wars and pioneering reconstructive surgical procedures that help injured vets, UTMB has developed a long and strong relationship with members of our nation’s military.

Likewise, we understand the special qualities your dedication brings to every assignment. That’s why we have instituted a program designed to help you transition to a rewarding civilian occupation.


Put your training to work

The skills and experience gained in the military can be effectively applied to the health care industry: clinical, administrative, technology, transportation, maintenance, food service and more. We know you have what it takes to do a great job, at home or abroad.

Use your benefits to get ours

We value your ability to handle tough situations, but you’ll find coming to work with us is definitely not one of them. We appreciate your honor, commitment and dedication and will do all in our power to make your transition simple and seamless.

In addition to career guidance, training, and excellent compensation, UTMB is part of the same Tri-Care Health Plan you’re already using. And our jobs qualify for Montgomery Bill first-time move assistance.

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